Why brand consistency is so important.

Brand consistency is important for people to recognise your brand. When your logo is developed, for example, it should be on everything you have that represents your business. This will then give you consistency and allow your business to be instantly recognisable. It should be on your website, business cards, and any other printed literature, custom clothing and uniforms, merchandise, signage on your premises, your company vehicles – literally everywhere! It should be the same logo as well. It is important to use the same font(s) and colour(s), except for where you may have a monochromatic version. However, it is not just your logo that forms your overall brand. Think about fonts, colours and image styles perhaps that you would use alongside your logo that complement it.

Finding your ideal brand identity can be daunting for some people. With the help of a branding expert they can guide you through the process, ensuring your branding is recognisable, appeal to your target audience and more importantly represents you as a business, portraying your business ethos. Once you have your brand it does not mean that you must stick with it forever. It is equally important to revisit your branding regularly to ensure it is kept modern looking and fresh. Branding specialists are used by all sized businesses to reinvent their brand. You may have noticed that companies such as BP, Hilton, McDonald’s and other large corporations will go through rebranding from time to time. Everyone knows what the golden arches stand for. That’s because they have done some amazing branding.

Brand consistency should be done on all your social media accounts as well. Spreading your brand across the internet is important to get your name out there, but also important for your SEO.


Branding will help you demand a higher price.

It isn’t always about offering the cheapest product or service in your industry. It is also about trust and understanding. That’s an important point that all business owners need to understand. Don’t go into business and try to compete by price alone or you will run a race to the bottom. Pick fair and honest pricing for your services and products. Be sure that you put a value on what you do and don’t let people take advantage of you. Branding will help you portray that your product or service is worth the price you are asking for and it is higher quality than the cheaper alternatives.

Brand consistency is so important

Brand consistency is powerful. If people know the brand and feel like they can trust you, you have the sale without much effort. Search engines love a well-branded company and so do people. Don’t be afraid to stand out from your competition!



 Is branding important for SEO?

Yes, your brand consistency is important for your SEO. It tells the search engines that you are a real business. This will help with the search engine rankings as they will begin to trust you. Maybe you have a slogan that you want to use, that helps with branding as well.

Remember, branding isn’t just your logo; it is who you are as a business. Sometimes a slogan is used, and even the name of the owner can be a part of the brand. Branding is the foundation of your company’s marketing. Brand consistency is critical to getting your customers to convert as well. If they have seen your brand whether it was an advertisement or out and about on the side of your vehicle, they feel some connection. While those brands that they haven’t seen before or generic brands aren’t going to be as popular.

Think about when you shop at the supermarket. There are certain branded items that you prefer over the store’s own brand version. However, many times, if you ask a consumer if they have tried the unbranded version, they say no. Why is that? Because they have bought the branded version for years. It may be more expensive, but they don’t care. They know and love it. And, that is the feeling you want your clients to have.

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