White Label SEO Services

We believe that by working together, we are better placed to deliver a stronger service to add value to your client offering

Are you a website developer, social media manager, copywriter or perhaps another professional looking to add to your client offering?

Do you want to offer SEO services to your clients?

Who We Are

Bee Spotted is a small business based in Basildon, Essex but with clients situated across the UK. With over 25 years experience in website development and SEO we pride ourselves on delivering results to clients increasing their visibility and generating more leads for their business.

We are specialists in search engine optimisation and can help websites improve ranking in the search engines.

We carry out a comprehensive analysis and optimisation to ensure websites will rank high in Google for their target keywords and attract the right visitors ensuring a return on investment.

Our SEO reports include On-Page , Off-Page and Technical SEO.

We will also check competitor analytics and help to potentially out-rank them in the search results.

What is SEO?

So many people invest in a great looking website but without thinking about the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) side of things, it’s then left hidden in cyberspace and no one ever finds it when they are searching for particular products or services.

SEO can turn a website into the most powerful lead generation asset a business can have, putting them in front of their ideal clients. The main aim with SEO is ranking a website above it’s competitors in the search engine results. 

What We Do

Your client’s website needs to bring in a return for the money they invested in it – when SEO is done correctly any website can be the business’ best employee working 24/7/365 in obtaining new enquiries and clients. We make it work for your clients.

Most businesses don’t have the time or the knowledge to be able to get their website optimised for the search engines to bring in hundreds of new clients each year. We have a proven repeatable process, along with custom built analysis tools, let us do the work for your clients while you concentrate on your core business, that you specialise in.

The skill of creating new and engaging SEO rich content that builds your client as an authority in their industry isn’t easy. We learn your client’s industry and understand their ideal client avatar to ensure they reach them.

We optimise the SEO to ensure that your client’s website is able get the phone ringing for them, all they need to do is close the sales.

By using our SEO services, you increase your profits at the same time as growing your client base and in turn your business through satisfied clients using our services.

The Opportunity

Are you ready to add more value to your business services and offer SEO to your clients?

Are you looking to grow your business by offering SEO as a service but don’t have the expertise to deliver it?

Are you looking to increase your business turnover without taking on any extra staff or work?

If the answers to the questions above are yes, then you need to outsource with us and use our expertise to provide quality SEO services that get the results for your current and future clients.


We provide 2 options for our SEO services.

Introduction to Your Clients

Introduce us to your client and we will liaise directly with them.
In return, you will receive a commission on any SEO services provided. Typically 20% in the first month and 10% recurring each month after that for the lifetime of that client.

White Label SEO Service

You liaise with your clients as usual and we provide the SEO fully white labeled to you.

We provide you with a quote for our SEO services and you can add on your percentage before presenting to your clients.
We will provide you with monthly reports which can be branded to your business and then sent on to your client.


Let’s see how we can improve your client website’s positions in Google to ensure they stand out from the crowd and get those calls coming in.

Put in place a system to get you ranking at the top of Google, register your interest below:



Royal Oak Chase, Basildon, Essex, SS155SJ

If you want to stand out from the crowd then contact us today.

All enquiries and quotes carry no obligation.

Whichever of our services you are looking to potentially use we’d be happy to help!

Located in Essex, Bee Spotted strives to set the standard in the Basildon and Essex area

Bee Spotted is located in Essex UK but you can also find us on Yelp. You can call us at 0845 519 7767, We are located near the Basildon HospitalTowngate Theatre, and the Festival Leisure Park.

We provide the following services;

Design | Print | Embroidery | Website Development and SEO


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