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Trusted Web Design Company in Harlow | Web Design Harlow

Looking for a web design company in Harlow that you can trust? Look no further than us! We have a team of experienced and professional web designers who are passionate about creating beautiful and user-friendly websites.

We are a full service digital agency that works with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, and we understand the importance of having a website that is both visually appealing and easy to use.


Simple, clean outstanding websites at affordable small business prices

Clear, uncluttered, user friendly websites are the way to go. Visitors need to instantly see what you offer and why use you within seconds of landing on your site, otherwise they’ll buzz off to another one and you won’t see them for dust!

At Bee Spotted we focus on making sure websites are easily found and effectively convert visitors into sales. It’s all about the hook!

Cannot recommend Sharon and Bee Spotted enough. She took the ideas of a dozen women and brought it to life easily and quickly at a very reasonable price. We were all so impressed with the modernity and sharpness of the site.

She was helpful at all times and still continues to be so.

Go Bee Spotted – you won’t regret it.

Essex Doulas

Competitively priced websites for your budget

Whatever your budget, With our web design services we’ll create a design that works for your business. From simple brochure websites to e-commerce solutions, we can tailor our prices for most businesses, so no fear of overpriced, out of the ball park design charges.

First class service from the team at Bee Spotted including designing my logo and printing out my business stationery – I am currently in the process with having my website built by Sharon and the level of customer service already received I cannot rate highly enough. 100% recommend for quality and service.
Julie Wedge

Flower Shed

On-going content management and maintenance

No time to look after your own website or does technology overwhelm you? No problem! We can maintain it for you for an economical monthly fee, or ad hoc as you need it. Click Here to find out more.

Want full control of your website?

That’s no problem either; just tell us at the start and we’ll set your site up with a content management system (CMS) so you can login and update it yourself. We’ll even provide you with a fully bespoke manual* (based on your website at launch) and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of it.

*This is an additional service which is quoted for at proposal stage.

Need a website that’s affordable but brilliant?

Contact Bee Spotted today for a quote



• Website Design & Build

• Website Domains

• Hosting and backups just £75 per year. That’s just £6.25 per month!

• Content Management Systems

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Maintenance

Need a website that’s affordable but brilliant?

Contact Bee Spotted today for a quote



• Website Design & Build

• Website Domains

• Hosting and backups just £75 per year. That’s just £6.25 per month!

• Content Management Systems

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Maintenance

Step by Step guide for website design Harlow

Step 1

Complete the website enquiry form or alternatively contact us to book your 20 minutes complimentary call.

Step 2

We’ll send you a proposal with options and costs. This will also include our business terms.

Step 3

Review the proposal, select which options you would like to proceed with and authorise the project.

Step 4

We’ll email you to arrange a Design Interview* to discuss your content requirements which we will need before the build can commence.
*This is a 30 minute call. Additional calls will incur additional charges if required.

Step 5

We build the website in the agreed timescale and we’ll supply you with a link to review the website.

Step 6

Review the website in detail, checking all content. Provide us with feedback via email, as appropriate.

Step 7

Prior to launch we’ll send you a helpful checklist to ensure everything is ready to go live.

Step 8

Launch. We’ll make your website live. You can then choose our self maintenance guide or let us look after it for you. At this stage your SEO campaigns can also begin.

What types of websites do you want to build?


E-commerce website design


An e-commerce website allows businesses to sell products and services online. The user should be able to easily navigate the site and find the products they are looking for. The checkout process should be simple and straightforward.


Typically, ecommerce website platforms will also provide businesses with the ability to track orders, customers, and inventory. E-commerce sites should be user and search engine friendly and they must be well secured.


Personal website design

A personal website belongs to an individual. It can be about anything the individual wants it to be, and there are no rules about what must be included on a personal website. 


It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sharing information about oneself, sharing photos and videos, sharing one’s thoughts and opinions in a blog, or providing a platform for selling products or services. 


This website can be a simple one-page website or a complex multi-page website, and it can be created using a variety of web development tools and technologies.


Portfolio website design

A portfolio website is a platform for creative professionals to showcase their work. It is a digital portfolio that allows artists, designers, photographers, and other creative and digital marketing professionals to showcase their skills and abilities online. 


This type of  website typically contains a portfolio section, where users can upload and share their work, as well as a blog section, where users can write about their creative process and share their thoughts on the industry. 


Portfolio websites can be used as a tool to attract new clients and collaborators, and to build a following for one’s work.


Small business website design

As the name suggests, a small business website is a website created for a small business. This type of website can be used to promote and sell products or services, or simply to provide information about the business. 


Small business websites are typically created by the business owner, or by a web designer hired by the business owner.


There are many benefits to having a small business website. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it gives the business a presence on the internet. This can help to attract new customers, as well as to keep existing customers informed about what is going on with the business. 


A small business website can also be a great online marketing strategy or tool, providing a way to reach a wider audience with information about the business.


Why is UI/UX important for website design?


In short, UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Together, they form a crucial part of the design process, and they’re both important for making sure that your website is user-friendly and enjoyable to use.


A good UI is important because it makes your website easy to navigate and use. It should be intuitive and logical, so that users can find what they’re looking for without getting frustrated.


A good UX is important because it ensures that users have a positive experience when using your website. This includes things like making sure that your website loads quickly, is easy to read and navigate, and provides the information or functionality that users are looking for.


Both UI and UX are important for making sure that your website is successful. A good website should be easy to use and provide a good user experience. By focusing on both UI and UX, you can create a website that your users will love


Why choose us to build your website?


If you’re looking for a web design professional service that can help you build the perfect website for your business, look no further than ours! Here are four reasons why we’re the best choice for the job:


  1. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced web designers.


  1. We use the latest technologies and tools to create websites that are both visually appealing and user-friendly.


  1. We take a collaborative approach to web design, which means that we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your website meets all of your specific needs and requirements.


  1. We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and technical support , which means that we’ll be there for you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final launch of your website.


If you’re looking for a web design agency that can help you build a beautiful and functional website, contact us today! We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and provide you with a free quote.


Royal Oak Chase, Basildon, Essex, SS155SJ


If you want to stand out from the crowd then contact us today.

All enquiries and quotes carry no obligation.

Whichever of our services you are looking to potentially use we’d be happy to help!

Located in Essex, Bee Spotted strives to set the standard in the Basildon and Essex area

Bee Spotted is located in Essex UK but you can also find us on Yelp. You can call us at 0845 519 7767, We are located near the Basildon HospitalTowngate Theatre, and the Festival Leisure Park.

We provide the following services;

Design | Print | Embroidery | Website Development and SEO

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