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Are you looking for Local SEO Services in Essex to boost your Google local rankings for your website?


Essex SEO services which will enhance your websites rankings and boost your website to the top of local search engine results!

Everyone that has a business should have a website in this day and age. However, if nobody is finding your website, then it isn’t working for you. Your website acts as if it were your customer service and front door to your potential clients. It is there taking enquiries, orders, and information for you through your contact pages and product pages, if you have them, 24/7. It is like having a salesperson out there selling you to the people that are looking for your exact products or services. However, if those people can’t find you, well, then you might as well forget it.

That’s why you need our SEO Essex services. You want your website to be working for you and your business.

We have unique SEO techniques to help the search engines find you and see that you are the best in the area for your product or service that you have to offer.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a simple process that will happen overnight but a process that will take time to carefully construct, this is why SEO should be considered as an investment into your business.

While you can get instant results from things such as paid advertising (Google Ads) it is expensive and you are only targeting a few keywords, however as soon as you stop paying for the ads they instantly disappear as if they were never there. With organic SEO it is broader, allowing you to pick up many of what we call long-tail SEO phrases.

Watch our video explaining how SEO can boost your visibility.

As delivered to a local business networking group on 05/03/2021


We recommend full SEO reports for your website before starting any optimisation.

*£25 for comprehensive reports, both on and off page, fully refundable when you take out one of our monthly retainer packages for a minimum of 6 months

Rank for long tailed keywords.

Long-tail SEO keywords are longer phrases that most of the time we would use in something like paid ads. These are phrases such as “SEO Essex and website design”, which is different from “SEO Essex”. These long-tail keywords are something that we typically rank by accident simply by trying to rank for other keywords.

While these are accidental rankings, they certainly are important as they will bring in more traffic from keywords we hadn’t even thought of. That’s the power and beauty over having a strong brand name.

Think about branding in general. When someone says “fast food” you probably have some brands that come to mind. But branding is in every business. It is making your business known for what you do. When people say your business name, someone will speak up and say, “I have heard of them.”

Branding for the search engines is the same thing. You need a strong brand that when someone is looking for your services in your area, it is delivered to them via being on page one of the search engine. The higher on the page you are, the more traffic you will get for that term.

On and Off page SEO


Many people have heard of backlinks. But, do you really know what they are? Backlinks are used to help build up the authority of your site. However, backlinks are actually mentions of your brand or keywords for your site. It could be blogs, directories, or even social profiles. These are important to build your brand and authority, however, they are not the only thing.


In fact, most SEO Essex agencies will probably focus on the off page backlinking. But, if your on-page SEO is done correctly, you have a much better chance of ranking. Most agencies don’t take the time to really do the on page SEO properly. This part does take a bit of time but when it is done right, the website will have a better chance of higher rankings.


On page SEO Essex means that you have the proper keyword density, you have headers and footers and enough content for your particular subject. You’ll hear SEOs say, “it depends” a lot because it does. Lots of SEO depends on what niche you are in and the competition. Doing as the competition is doing and going a little above that is the sweet spot that we are looking for. If they have a higher keyword density than we will have a high keyword density. Copy what is working for what we want to achieve. 


Your content should be relevant to what you are trying to rank for. You should write content that people actually want to read and not just for the search engines. You can have a blog, should you need more keywords and pages, however, blogs are not 100% needed for SEO Essex, it really depends on what you are looking to rank for.


Why the search engines care about what they rank.


Our SEO Essex services are used by many businesses and they have brought in many leads, signups and sales. However, it is not quick to the finish line. It takes some time to warm up the search engines and ensure that you are a genuine real business. This is because many of the SEO companies in recent years would put up spammy sites and ruin the searches.


The search engines are a business too and if people cannot find the right result for what they need, they will try another search engine. 


Everyone has dealt with bad search engine results at some point in their life. For example, you type in “House Builder” and you are hit with a “How to build a house” website. Not related at all but had the word’s “house” and “build” in it. This is why search engines take their time and test the waters. While they are doing that, your website might be going through the “dance” as we call it.


As we start working on the SEO for your website you will find it going through a little dance. This dance means that it will be ranking page 1 one day and page 3 the next. While this isn’t good for the stress levels, this makes us happy. It tells us that we have done something to get attention for the search engines. When it starts to do that, we may lay off that keyword for a bit and focus on something else, until it settles down. This is completely normal.


search engines

Essex SEO


There is no exact science to SEO. It is trial and error. While we have ranked and continue to rank our clients of various terms. We first have to start out with a good guess. This guess is educated, as we have done this many times. Once we have the initial steps done, then we sit back and wait to see where we land and what additional keywords we pick up. SEO is not a race, it is the final tweaking that will shoot it to the top. Little by little we will carefully adjust our plan. This is all being done while the search engines are changing their algorithms all the time. They do this to keep everyone on their toes.



Chances are that you found us through local search in a Search Engine. We can do the same for your business, also bringing the most targeted local customers to your business. Concentrating on what we’re best at to dominate Local Search and Google Business Listings.


Google accounts for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic. (Source: NetMarketShare)


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine


30% of mobile searches are related to a location. (Source: Hubspot)


The average business allocates 41% of their marketing budget to online, and this is expected to grow to 45% by 2020. (Source: Web Strategies)

Seo Essex

 There are many benefits in using an SEO Essex team to provide the best long term SEO services, high quality link building SEO campaigns and help get your business to the top of the search engines. Our SEO agency in Essex can bring long term traffic to your website with our search engine optimisation techniques.

We are freelance SEO specialists who are experts in digital marketing. We also provide high quality web design, and can help with any existing website issues you may have. Get in touch with our SEO agency in Essex for all your link building needs to help with your search engine optimisation.

Our professional SEO agency is here working hard to help with all your digital marketing needs. If you have used freelance SEO consultants in the past, maybe from other countries be rest assured that we are and Essex SEO local company on hand to assist with any search engine optimisation issues you may have with your website. Based in Essex gives us an advantage over non local companies, our SEO services can help you long term with your business website rankings within the search engines.

Our previous work has seen many SEO services and SEO campaigns work for many local businesses to increase their online presence. Clients find our Essex SEO agency helped a great deal with increasing their websites visibility, which converts to and increase in leads, customers and sales, growing their audience and overall generate more revenue for years to come. Many have also seen an increase in Google ranking, more conversions and enquiries from working with our agency in Essex.


Our SEO agency Essex can also help your business website with effective, targeted search engine optimisation campaign strategy. We know how important it is to achieve results and improve page rank, to help you become an expert in your industry.

We use a process designed to improve the search engine optimisation of your website, help your business rise up the search engine rankings. Our SEO company will ensure your targets are met, providing on going support and research you need. Our clients only want a highly performing service which we’re providing monthly for them. Your Essex business website should be an authority in the search engines without having to reply on social media to promote your brand.

We carry out in depth keyword research and recommend the target keywords required to be able to take your company message or offer and help your business grow organically. SEO in Essex is a critical part of your business marketing campaigns in the search engine today.

Don’t worry of you’re not very technical minded, please feel free to contact us and tell us where you want your Essex business to be in the search listings. Your business should be proud of its website, if you are not happy with your web design’s look at the moment, we can help with creating new content, carry out small or extensive changes as per your requirements.

We are proud to be an SEO company right here in Essex and are here to assist and help to grow your Essex business. We ensure that our clients are happy with our Essex SEO company, and provide a full monthly report on the work we have carried out and the results obtained for that month.



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