Why SEO is still important even during lockdown

Yes, you do need SEO during the lockdown.  Think about it, people are sitting around in their homes with nothing but planning to do.  They are now noticing that their kitchens are not as functional as they would like.  Maybe they like working from home but would need a proper home office to do it in.  Or, they are learning that having some free time is really nice and when things open back up, they are going to get a gardener and a cleaner, which will allow for more family time.

In these trying times, people are changing and evolving.  Instead of thinking about all the doom and gloom, think about the opportunities that are arising!  Keeping your SEO up-to-date and current will help you succeed.

The world might change but it will change because people have had time to stop and think.  They have had the time to rest and catch up with their family.  This is a time where they are learning that who they live with seem to be nice people, but they are spending all their free time on the upkeep of their homes and home projects instead of with those they love.

Services that help people find the time.


Time is important to everyone.  Time is something that we don’t get back and having this time off has presented this fact more so than ever. People have got used to taking a step back from their fast-paced lives.  But, also remember, those on the front line haven’t stopped working, in fact they are working longer hours to keep essential services going during these tough times. These groups also haven’t had any financial interruption, in fact, they have been getting overtime and will be happy to find someone that wants to help.  More reasons to keep your SEO in check during this time.  The internet doesn’t shut down, remember that, so keeping up your SEO services means that people can still find you.

If you offer services to your clients, they are going to still need them and are looking for them, even during the lockdown.  This is why it is important for you to keep your SEO going.  If you stop SEO, it can lead to your site failing to rank.

If you have products, they want those now and in the future.  People are ordering online and if you don’t have an online presence with your products, then you are missing out.  More and more people are flocking to online shops during this time and ordering things that they need or researching things that they want.  This is a time where more people have time to be on the internet and find your online shop.  Getting your website optimised properly will get you the exposure you need during this time.

Stay ranking during this time and see results.


SEO helps your customers find your site when they are searching for your products and services.  This is very important.  Think about all the people that are sitting at home with little to do but sit on the internet.  Those are the people you are going to capture while others let their SEO go.  During this time they are researching businesses and making bookings for when the lockdown is relaxed. They have time on their hands, so they are looking for people for example to pressure wash the driveway and get the dog’s hair cut.  The businesses that work on their SEO that will be really busy when everyone gets to go back to the new normal.

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