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Building Company SEO Case Study

Our team of organic search engine optimisation experts designed and implemented a bespoke strategy for this local building company who specialise in loft coversions, leading to considerable gains in the search engine rankings for their local area.

About Cameron Lofts & Construction Ltd

Cameron Lofts & Construction Ltd are a family run building company who primarily carry out loft conversions as well as home extensions and other construction work in the Havering area of Essex.

Trading for over 20 years, owner Colin Cameron already had a well established name in the area for providing quality workmanship, however he wanted to expand his client base further out into the surrounding areas and increase his online presence.

Organic SEO Case Study

What we did

Colin approached us in December 2019, asking us to assist in increasing his companies online presence and increasing enquiries and leads, specifically for his loft conversion side of his construction business through organic SEO.

Having already designed and created the website for Cameron Lofts & Construction Ltd; it was the next logical step for Bee Spotted to design and create a customised SEO campaign at an affordable price that would bring value and results that the client was satisfied with.

Using a combination of our unique custom tools, our team of organic search specialists were able to assess all areas of Cameron Loft & Construction’s website. Then, following comprehensive research including their competitors, we provided a bespoke organic SEO campaign including On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO strategies.

Before we started

Before our campaign started, Cameron Lofts & Conversions were only showing for just 5 relevent keywords, and the highest of these was on page 3 of the Google search results.


Keyword Google
R***** Loft C***** 23
R***** Building Services 81
Loft C****** H***** 26
Kitchen I****** H***** 44
Bathrooms Romford 70

The Results so Far (01/02/2021)

As of 2nd February 2021, Cameron Lofts & Conversions are now showing for 28 relevent keywords, and all of these are on page 1 of the Google search results, 9 of them being in position 1.


Keyword Google
Loft C***** H***** 1
W***** Loft C***** 1
N***** Loft C***** 1
T***** Loft C***** 1
U***** Loft C***** 1
W***** Loft C***** 1
O***** Loft C***** 1
H**** Loft C***** 1
I***** Loft C***** 1
E***** Building S***** 2
E***** Loft C***** 2
E*****Home E***** 2
E**** loft c***** 2
Loft C***** C***** E***** 2
B***** Loft C***** 3
O**** Loft C***** 3
L**** Loft C**** 3
R**** Building S**** 4
R**** Loft C**** 4
Kitchen F**** R**** 4
B***** Loft C***** 4
K***** Installation R***** 5
C***** loft C***** 5
Bathroom I***** E***** 6
Bathroom F***** E***** 6
Bathroom F***** R***** 7
E***** Builder 9
Kitchen I***** E***** 10

Before I had Bee Spotted rebuild my website and carry out work on the SEO side of things my website was nowhere to be found on Google. Now after being with them for a year I have my website at the top of Google for many different searches I want to be found for.

I am getting a lot of enquiries and calls each week, and I am now fully booked for months in advance. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get more clients and enquiries and can see that the investment I have made has paid back many times over in booked jobs.

Colin Cameron

Cameron Lofts & Construction Ltd


Increase in Visitors


Increase in New Visitors

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Increase in organic sessions


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