We’ve all been there, you spend ages planning and creating a video for your social media, you create it, edit it and when you upload it…it looks blurry!

In a nutshell, Instagram simply can’t keep up with the amazing quality of our phone cameras these days, but there are some steps you can take to help improve the quality of your uploads:

1. Ensure you’re only uploading videos with good WiFi, as believe it or not, this does affect the upload quality.

2. Change your Instagram settings to ensure all videos are uploaded in high quality – In your Instagram app, click your profile (bottom right-hand corner) > click on the menu option > settings > account > data usage > turn on ‘high quality uploads’

And that’s it – you can now post in HD on Instagram!

One extra note:

Make sure you’re also posting your content in Instagram’s recommended dimensions for maximum quality.

If you don’t post using the recommended dimensions, Instagram can reduce the quality of your video or picture as it resizes your content!

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