Social platforms are ever changing, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the new updates and know how to use them best.

So here’s 3 recent Instagram updates for you to use on your IG account:


1. You can now respond to posts and comments with a GIF!

To do this just tap the comment button under an Instagram post. Tap the GIF button to select or search for a GIF from the app’s extensive library.

This is a new feature so if it’s not rolled out to your account yet, don’t panic, it’s on it’s way!

2. The ‘quiet mode’ feature.

Instagram has introduced three control features: Quiet Mode, Hidden Words to Recommendations, and Multi-Select for Not Interested – to help people manage their time and content on the app.

The “Quiet mode” feature allows users to select a specific time of day or week when they don’t want to receive notifications. An automated reply will be sent to anyone who messages during that time. This can help users to reduce their screen time.


3. Add multiple links in your bio.

Instagram is allowing creators to add multiple links in their bio. This means you can ditch linktree if you’re using 5 links or less.

Here’s how to add multiple links to the Instagram bio

Go to your profile and tap ‘Edit profile.’
Tap Links and then tap ‘Add external links.’
Paste the URL and its title
Tap Done.

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