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Essex Embroidered Clothing

Why do you think that many small and medium sized businesses trust their custom embroidery to Bee Spotted? We offer some of the best services and prices in the industry along with our amazing quality. Our embroidering team always goes that extra mile to ensure our products are some that will truly impress. We want our Essex custom clothing to be some of the best on the market and it shows with our Essex embroidered clothing.
Our personalised Essex embroidered clothing will bring your company to a whole new level of professionalism. Having your company branded with the proper clothing helps your clients know who works there as soon as they step foot in the door. It is a way to have your brand more out there in the community as well. Think about it, your employees will do things after work that are quite common for most people. They will stop to get groceries, go to the bank, or go to their child’s after school clubs. Having your company logo on their uniform means that it is walking around in the community. And, that is how Essex embroidered clothing from Bee Spotted helps you build your brand within your local area. It also makes your company look more branded and together. Think about when you walk into a place and everyone has on the same uniform. It has this nice clean look about it. You know who works there because it’s obvious.

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Personalised Essex Embroidered Clothing from Bee Spotted

When you think about getting personalised Essex embroidered clothing, you probably think of the cost associated with it. However, Bee Spotted’s Essex custom clothing isn’t all that costly in comparison to other branded clothing options. Screen printed clothing, for example, is a bit less costly but loses the nice look of it more quickly. Our Essex embroidered clothing is far more durable and isn’t nearly as costly as many people might think. If you are looking to improve your brand’s look, take a look into our Essex custom clothing options today. We work with our clients to get the very best logo design put onto many different types of clothing as well. We have sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and even caps and beanies. When all of your employees have the same standard look it helps build your brand within the community.

We offer premium Essex custom clothing that is made to order from your custom logo designs. Our Essex embroidered clothing helps you build up your brand as well as gives your office a nice uniformed look. When your employees are wearing your Essex embroidered clothing they should do so with confidence and pride.

Wide range of colour options available for your Essex custom clothing

We could get into the boring details of how we do it, what type of techniques and threads we use, and how it works, but you don’t really care about that, right?  All you want is a nice Essex custom embroidered shirt that wears and washes nicely. You don’t want to know all of the crazy details that go into our Essex custom clothing, so we will spare you those.

If you are looking for a certain look that goes across the board of let’s say your chain restaurant then Bee Spotted’s Essex embroidered clothing is right for you. Get everyone the same polo style for example made from the same colours and your logo design ensuring branding consistency. We offer a wide selection of colour choices to best suit our clients’ needs. We work with large chain companies as well as sole trader setups and all sized businesses in between.

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Affordable Essex embroidered clothing at Bee Spotted

Our affordable Essex embroidered clothing is affordable for everyone at all levels. We understand that this is also important since you are clothing for your entire staff. But, we believe you will like the results and the professional look that this gives to your company in such a simple manner. This simple process just involves a few decisions that are typically quite simple, since you most likely have your branding colours already. Take the time to ensure that what you choose will go with those branding colours.

For example, your brand may be red and white. However, white is not a good option for those that are in an industry that you might get dirty often.  Red might be too much but you could add a third colour that would go with your brand and then have the embroidered colours to be your logo with your brand colours. A dark blue or black shirt, for example, would still look very professional and you would have a darker colour to hide dirt and grime that might get on the shirt, and those colours complement one another.

Get creative with your Essex custom clothing

Getting creative with your shirt can be fun as well. Not only can we offer Essex custom clothing with logos but we can put other information on them as well, such as tag lines and contact details. Maybe you have a business slogan that you’d like on it along with your logo design. We can do that too.

Employees love Essex embroidered clothing as it makes it easy to figure out what to wear each and every day. This means they don’t have to go out and purchase new clothing for a new job too. Think about it from their perspective. They will have less to fuss about which means they will be happier overall.

While your employees are wearing their shirts, they are spreading your brand name around. Having something that is catchy is also an option!  This will increase the awareness of your company and it will leave a lasting impression.

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Essex custom clothing for promotional purposes

Not only are Essex custom clothing great for branding and having employees wear them, but they are also perfect for promotional gifts as well. Get a nice company fleece for being with the company for a certain amount of time. Not only do customers and clients like freebies, but employees do as well. So have some Essex embroidered clothing made up into promotional products that you can give out. This makes them feel special and it is another way to get your brand out there and noticed in the local community. When you decide on branded clothing and accessories, ensure that it is eye-catching and something that people will like.

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