Do you know how many of your website pages are showing up in Google?

You might be surprised to learn that many of your pages need to be indexed, which means they are not showing when people search for your product or service. Indexing your website pages/links on search engines means that Google has crawled your page and will list it in its database, ready to show your potential clients.

By indexing your links, you will make it easier for search engine crawlers to find and analyse the content of your website. There are several ways to check if your links are indexed; you can use the Site: operator in Google itself (, for instance). This will give you a list of all the links that Google has for your website, and you can spot any missing links.

Another way is to check a list of your links using this tool here

Alternatively, contact us, and we can check your website links for you and let you know how many are not indexed and are unknown to Google. We even have a service that can index your links on Google; ask us for more details.

Contact our team at Bee Spotted and let’s get started!

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