SEO in this new world is changing.

To be effective and really launch your web pages into the eyeball zone, you have to adopt a strategy to ensure this happens.

Google is getting more adept at looking at content and website material and determining your authority on the searchers’ request.

One way of making sure you are getting in front of your prospective clients is to make yourself an authority in whatever niche or business you are in.

The problem is that it takes time to build trust and authority. The content that you create needs to be just what your Google searcher wants.

It needs to be well written, informative to the reader, and solves the reason why they typed in the search query in the first place.

One way of becoming an authority is to build your own SEO web just like a spider would spin his.

The idea is that you start to build pages on your site linked to a pillar article that can demonstrate you know your stuff.

Content such as this will gain you links from other sites, and this is strengthened by using internal links back to your pillar article.

Let’s take an example.

You are a dentist and have a list of primary services you offer, such as examinations, tooth extraction, fillings, etc.

You build pillar articles on these keywords and then around those pillar articles create other related articles based on long-tail keywords.

So let’s take your pillar article on tooth extraction, for example. From that, you build pages on such ideas as “what happens during a tooth extraction,” “what painkillers work best,” etc.

These are all split into multiple pages that can also earn external links and are strong pieces of content that are highly shareable.

The next web layer is formed from your own internal links connecting your internal pages.

SEO Analytics

Your SEO web is set, and now you need to start attracting clients just as our spider attracts flies!

 As like a real spider’s web, you rarely catch anything in the centre. Most Google searches might first input a search query for a dentist, but most have a specific request in mind like – oral examination, etc.

 So those pages that are supplementing “examinations,” for example, will be the sticky part of your web.

 People will start to trust and get to know your website and start recommending you to other people, friends, and family.

 The trust will build, and your authority will grow as your public searching start to realise you know what you are doing.

 So, it’s time to build your web.

 Stand back and look at your business or niche and start to plan by researching keywords that might support your core business functions or products.

 Then start to plan your content production and concentrate on content that is highly relevant and very shareable. You will then start to get those clients landing in your web-ready for you to close the deal!

Your SEO web should include all your off page, on page and technical SEO areas this will only strengthen your campaigns and its critical to get each part done correctly for maximum effectiveness.

 Just like a spider’s web it is critical that once built, it is maintained and is constantly expanded. The bigger the web, the more exposure to your business, and in turn the more clients you can attract. If you leave your SEO web to decline, then eventually it will whittle down to nothing and a bigger spider will take over your area of expertise!

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