You have by now already seen the recent buzz around ChatGPT, an AI-driven tool that is set to revolutionise how we create content online. The range of uses for this tool is vast, and people are just beginning to discover its capabilities. It’s being used for anything from writing recipes to passing exams in universities.

However, as with any new technology, several issues come with using AI-generated content online.

One of the most significant concerns is the accuracy of the information. AI algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on. If the data is biased or outdated, the AI-generated content will reflect these biases and inaccuracies. This can spread false information and misinformation, which can have severe consequences for individuals and society.

Moreover, AI-generated content can also be repetitive and need more creativity and emotion. This is because AI algorithms are designed to generate content based on patterns and rules and not reflect human thought and expression nuances.

That’s why it’s essential to have human intervention before publishing AI-generated content. A human editor should review the content for accuracy and make necessary corrections. They should also check for plagiarism and ensure that the content does not violate copyright laws.

Additionally, a human editor can bring a creative and emotional touch to the content. They can add personality, tone, and context to the content, making it more engaging and relevant to the audience.

There are a few tools that you can use to help you when editing AI generated content, firstly Grammarly for improving your content and highlighting any errors and also Jasper for rewriting and gaining more ideas when creating content from scratch.

While AI-generated content has the potential to transform the way we create and consume content online, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations of this technology. Human intervention is crucial to ensure the content’s accuracy, creativity, and emotional connection. Before publishing AI-generated content, it’s advisable to have it reviewed and edited by a human editor to ensure its quality and accuracy.

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