Being able to convert website traffic into leads and sales is the goal of every company. However, it can be difficult to convert visitors into customers without a strategy in place. In this blog post, we will discuss 25 hacks that you can use on your website to convert more traffic!

Have you been looking for a comprehensive tutorial that’ll show you how to convert your website’s visitors into leads and purchases? You’ve struck gold.

Your website visitors are your assets. If you convert them, they will be the key to revenue generation for your business. However, if they don’t convert it means that there is something wrong with either what you offer or how you sell it. You must determine which of these two things need tuning and then do so as soon as possible!

It’s not just about getting more traffic but also bringing quality people to your site who want real answers to their problems – not just another sales pitch trying to get money out of them (or worse still a list builder). A blog post can make all the difference in attracting great leads like this.

In today’s post, we will be sharing with you 25 “cheats” you can use, irrespective of how good or bad you are at marketing, to boost conversions and drive more revenue.

Without further delay here are those cheats:

1. Attract the Right People to Your Blog

Convert traffic into leads and sales

Your blog posts are the most valuable assets of your website. In fact, if you do them well, they can convert more traffic into leads and sales than even a money-making program! A lot of people focus on getting as many visitors to their site as possible but forget that those visitors need to be relevant or it will not help with conversions at all.

Be sure to write content for people who have problems in mind – what is their goal? What pain point are they trying to solve by reading your post/page? Once you know this information it becomes easier for us to attract the right kind of prospects which converts better because we’re speaking directly about something that interests them instead of just talking about ourselves!

2. Maintain a basic website design

Convert website traffic into leads and sales

You may be wondering what you can do without spending money and we’ll tell you: a lot! Maintaining a basic website design is one of the most cost-effective things that your business can do to convert traffic into buyers. A study found that about 43% of conversions for eCommerce sites were lost because their websites looked “cheap” or outdated. This means it’s essential to maintain an attractive, professional site so as not to lose visitors from bad first impressions!

A big part of maintaining a simple website is having responsive web pages – those which display well on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices such as phones and tablets. If someone enters your store looking at items they want but gets distracted by something else going on.

3. What distinguishes you from your competition?

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

Knowing what makes you different from your competitors is one of the most important hacks to convert website visitors. It’s not enough to just know that your business offers something better than all other stores or sites, you must be able to prove it!

Having an about page on our site where we explain why we’re different and truly do offer value has helped us convert more traffic into sales – especially with less tech-savvy clients who want reassurance before handing over their money.

A study found that 94% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses before making a purchase decision so if they see people talking positively about your store/site then it will help convince them too! This also means that negative comments can hurt conversions (so make sure your site is monitored for feedback) but if you’re truly offering value then it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you can convert even a third of website visitors into paying customers, that’s fantastic! But to do this, you need to understand how your target audience thinks and what they want.

So, start by asking yourself these questions:

– What’s my USP? Why should people buy from me over others in the same niche?

– Who am I selling this product/service to? If a prospect can’t answer that question then it may be time for a rethink!

4. Make Sure Your Website is Secure

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

These measures not only convert potential buyers but also provide peace of mind for those who are on the fence yet still interested in learning

It’s no secret that online shoppers are wary about entering their credit card details into an unsecured website – they simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting hacked, scammed, or ripped off.

That said, you can convert more traffic into sales by taking advantage of security tools that reassure customers that your site is legitimate and trustworthy! things like SSL certificates (which show a locked padlock at the top left corner), trust seals from recognized third-party companies as well as testimonials/social proof in blog posts that let visitors know other people have purchased your products successfully.

5. Take Your Customer Reviews Seriously

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales.

Reviews convert website visitors into buyers by providing social proof that your store/site is reliable and trustworthy. As well as increasing conversions, reviews also help build up a sense of community around your business which can add to the experience for customers in positive ways!

If you’re running an eCommerce site then it’s important to encourage reviews from happy clients – this may be through asking them directly or using software such as Yotpo (full disclosure: we use Yotpo too but have removed all mentions since they integrate with Shopify). If a customer has a good experience buying something from you, ask if they could leave feedback so other people know what to expect when making their purchase decisions.

In addition, don’t forget to respond to negative reviews. This way, you can address any issues or concerns right away and convert website visitors into buyers!

A good reputation is essential for businesses to convert traffic but the best thing about genuine customer feedback is that it’s free. That makes this cheat one of our top tips on converting more traffic into sales!

6. Always Display Your Customer Testimonials

A good way to convert website visitors into buyers is to display testimonials on your site. This can be a short quote from someone who has previously bought something from you or it could simply be a star rating that shows how happy they were with the product/service!

Testimonials convert people because they give potential customers social proof – whether this comes in form of reviews, ratings, tweets and Facebook shares showing other shoppers have been satisfied enough to write about their experience online.

In addition, if possible include photos so people can see what others are saying about your products or services first hand (and yes we know this isn’t always available due to IP laws etc. but where the possible aim is for high-quality images).

As well as converting website visitors into customers, testimonials are also useful for persuading new visitors to convert too. As you can see from the example below, if a customer has been happy with their experience then they’ll often be willing to share this on social media and beyond which makes it easier (and cheaper) than constantly paying for advertising!

7. Scrutinise and Optimise Your Sales Funnel

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

A common reason why potential customers leave before reaching checkout is that they feel overwhelmed – it’s important to avoid confusing them with complicated forms or asking for too much information upfront.

If you’re running an eCommerce store then work on breaking down each step so people know what to expect when filling in personal details (name, email address, etc.), payment information (credit/debit card number) as well as delivery details if relevant).

As well as making things easier for shoppers, there are other benefits in working out where visitors tend to drop off from your site including identifying which parts could be improved to convert more traffic into sales.

For example, if a lot of people leave your site once they’ve entered their email address then you know the form is too long or complicated meaning it could be improved to convert website visitors faster! To ensure this doesn’t happen, work on creating simple forms that capture just enough information for what’s required from each customer – no more and definitely no less!

In addition, optimise your checkout process by adding extra security features such as SSL certificates (encrypted pages) which helps reassure shoppers that payment details are safe when entering them online. This can help convert lost leads into revenue at a time when consumers have become increasingly wary about sharing their personal information due to high-profile data breaches in recent years including Yahoo

8. Create Better Sales Copy

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

Another way to convert traffic into sales is by improving your website copy. In short, this includes everything from the text you use on social media profiles through to product descriptions and it’s important because well-written content can have a major impact upon how people view your brand as well as persuade them that they should buy (or convert) now!

Keep sentences short and to the point – make it easy for visitors to read! Also, avoid long blocks of text which can be challenging to digest at a glance. If you’re writing copy for social media then aim for no more than two lines per post because that’s all people will see in their feed before scrolling on (and forget about getting your message across if they don’t notice it straight away!).

At this stage, remember not everyone has time to convert website traffic into leads so there are still some other things you need to do including building trust with potential customers by creating professional images or videos using trustworthy sources such as Shutterstock. This helps convert website visitors into buyers faster but also shows them what others think about your products or services.

9. Create Amazing CTA Buttons

convert your website traffic into leads and sales

The point is to convert website visitors into sales by monitoring the sales conversion. You can convert website traffic into leads and sales by making a call to action that will convert the website visitor into a customer. I have seen many people convert their traffic into quality leads and sales just with a nicely made call to action button. I hope you convert your traffic into leads and sales by making a nice call to action button.

You should convert your website traffic into leads and sales by using a nicely made call to action button. It is easy to convert the visitors to your website if you have an amazing CTA that will help convert web users into customers easily. You can convert all of your site’s traffic into quality leads and sales just with a nice looking CTA on every page.”

10. Optimise Call to Action Button Text

You convert website traffic into leads and sales by optimizing your CTA button text with keywords that are relevant to the page they’re on so it’s clear what action you want visitors to take (for example, “buy now” or “request a quote”). You can increase conversions by keeping them short and simple with one-word CTAs like ‘submit’, ‘order’, or even just an arrow if necessary! The best practice is around 15 words at most for optimal conversion rates.

11. Use CTAs strategically to increase conversions.

A strong call to action (CTA) is one of the easiest ways to convert website traffic into sales. Simply by placing a button on your homepage that links to a relevant page, such as ‘buy now’ or ‘request a quote’, you can convert visitors into customers all day long. However, it’s important to use CTAs strategically and not indiscriminately throughout your site because oversaturating your website with CTAs will only lead to decreased conversions and poor user experience.

To convert more traffic into sales, use CTAs sparingly and keep them consistent throughout your site so they work like ads and convert all day long! In other words, place your CTA buttons in key positions of high-traffic pages such as the top right-hand side or along the left-hand margin of a website. It’s also advisable to use CTAs when someone is filling out contact forms on your site.

12. Making visitors click on your homepage is a waste of time.

Direct website visitors to your landing pages you specifically want them to visit rather than just to the home page of your website.

When running a campaign on social media you need to direct traffic to the specific offer or signup form you want them to visit for the optimum chance of getting them to sign up or make a purchase from you.

Don’t make them have to think! Make it as easy as possible.

13. Give Your Website Visitors Something of Value for Free

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

Giving away products for free is a proven marketing strategy that can convert your website visitors to leads and sales. It will convert website traffic into leads and sales by creating a sense of value on your site. However, keep in mind that the offer needs to be relevant to your site’s product or service or it won’t convert. You also want them to convert as fast as possible so ONLY give away one thing per page!

Some ideas of freebies can you could give away:

  • Free trial membership (even better if they don’t need to provide credit card details to sign up).
  • Free shipping if they make a purchase today.
  • Discounts, vouchers, and coupons
  • Free 1-1 consultation, either in person or online.
  • Free download of an ebook, video course, or audio.


14. Increase the Number of Landing Pages

To convert website visitors into leads and sales, it’s vital to have a good number of landing pages with specific offers that convert your site’s traffic as fast as possible. You can convert more traffic into quality leads and sales by having enough relevant landing pages on your site at all times for potential customers looking for what you offer. To make sure they convert, keep each page simple with one clear CTA button!

15. Keep Your Website Design Simple

When designing a new webpage or updating an old design, avoid trying to be too flashy or creative because this will confuse people and lead them away from converting their website traffic into leads and sales. It is advisable not to place any unnecessary distractions on a website that can lead to decreased conversions.

16. Ask for Referrals

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

It is important to convert your site’s traffic into leads and sales by asking them for referrals because it will increase conversion rates significantly, especially if you offer something in return like an additional product or discount! For example, ask visitors how they heard about you when they fill out contact forms on your site so you know where the highest quality of traffic is coming from. Once again keep this simple with one clear CTA button! You need all types of users to convert their website traffic into leads and sales including SEO, social media marketing, organic search engine optimisation (SEO). So make sure there are enough landing pages available at all times for these.

17. Capture Visitors When They Exit Your Website

If you convert your website traffic into leads and sales, you’ll want to convert the visitors who convert the quickest. Capturing traffic when they exit your website is a surefire way of doing this. It’s very simple and only requires a few lines of code and it’s easy to set up through any web hosting company.

18. Use Facebook Retargeting Ads

Facebook retargeting ads are highly effective for converting website traffic into leads and sales because they have already visited your site so you know exactly what to offer them! You can convert more visitors coming from social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc by using the right ad campaign on these platforms to convert their traffic into leads and sales without having too many of them leaving your site before making a purchase.

19. Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly

Convert website traffic into leads and sales

The last thing you want is for people to leave quickly if it takes ages for your page or webpage to load up due to slow internet speeds or even outdated technology. If this happens then chances are that person will not convert his/her website traffic into leads and sales. With this in mind, make sure your site is running on the latest technology to convert website visitors as fast as possible!

20. Use High-Quality Images

Convert your website traffic into leads and sales

To convert more people who visit your page or webpage into leads and sales, you must use high-quality images with clear text because if the images are poor quality then this will cause doubt that your website is legitimate.

Remember first impressions count! You want to give your website visitors the impression you are a high quality company with an eye for detail. High quality images show that you care about your companies image and you are a serious contender in your niche.

21. Make Sure Each Landing Page is Unique

Every landing page should be unique so you convert your website visitors to leads and sales because it will show them exactly what they can expect by clicking on your CTA button – keep this simple with one clear CTA button! This way, you’ll avoid having too many different types of users leaving without converting his/her website traffic into leads and sales. Your main objective should always be getting as much information about each visitor who visits your site first before offering something in return like an additional product or discount etc. Remember that variety is key for conversion rates when trying to convert web traffics into leads and sales from your site.

22. Use Great Headlines

Headlines convert website traffic into leads and sales because they are what people scan for when visiting a webpage or landing page, so make sure you use great headlines to convert more visitors! They should be clear, concise & benefit-driven with the main CTA button being at least 15 words long but no longer than 20 words in total to convert your web traffics into leads and sales by clicking on it!

23. Capture Emails After Subscribing To Your List

Convert Website Traffic into leads and sales

After someone has subscribed to your email list do not forget that this is an opportunity to convert them from subscribers into buyers by capturing their emails after subscribing to your list through pop up forms etc which can also have additional offers if desired – just make sure you convert your website traffic into leads and sales by using these offers to convert more subscribers!

24. Use The Right Keywords

Convert website traffic into leads and sales

The right keywords can make or break the success of any campaign as they are what search engines like Google pick up on when indexing a site – therefore, use them sparingly but effectively with great ad copy if you want to convert your web traffics into leads and sales through landing pages, etc without wasting too much time trying out multiple campaigns that produce no results at all because this will waste both yours and their valuable time so take it slow instead for better conversion rates in the long run!

25. Offer Guarantees/Refunds With Every Product / Service Offered Through Your Site

Convert website traffic into leads and sales

Offering guarantees and refunds with every product or service offered through your site will convert website traffics into leads and sales because it allows a potential buyer to trust that you are completely confident in the quality of what you’re offering them – this is important for converting more visitors as they have nothing to lose by clicking on your CTA button if there’s no risk involved. A guarantee also gives people an incentive to convert their web traffic into leads and sales so make sure whatever offer they receive comes from a good, reputable source. If not then conversion rates will plummet! In addition, try building some social proof around offers just like Apple does where customers can see other people who have already purchased the same item which further adds credibility & builds trust amongst those potential purchasers. People are more likely to buy a product when they see evidence that many other people have already bought it and are sharing their positive experiences across Social Media. This is the reason there are so many companies using social influencers on Instagram etc to promote their products to an army of followers.

You’ve done a lot of work to get people visiting your website, now it’s time to convert those visitors into leads and sales.

But how?

There are many different tactics you can use for this conversion process but today we’re going to share with you 25 cheats that will help boost your lead generation efforts by up to 300%. Are there any methods in particular that have been successful for you?

Let us know!

If you would like us to carry out an audit or consultation so we can put together a plan which is tailored just for you.

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